27 June 2014

Zonioploca medialinea - Midline Desert Cockroach

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Zonioploca medialinea - Midline Desert Cockroach

This is another mallee cockroach that was found near Mt Buraminya 130 km (80 miles) NE of Esperance, where encountered under eucalypt litter in a fine sand/clay soil over limestone.  I had stopped for lunch and whilst doing so, this guy appeared, so not sure if it is more active during the day or at night, it was however quite fast, dashing from cover to cover.

The cockroach was around 2 cm (nearly 1”) in head/body length and as only one was seen, I was unable to ascertain other details or if it was locally common.  The area has a good tree cover, with small Melaleuca and other shrubby species making up the lower story; median rainfall is around 40 cm (16”) per annum, with hot dry summers.

A Guide to the Cockroaches of Australia
by David Rentz  2014