29 July 2010

Platyzosteria sp. - Orange-rump Cockroach

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Orange-rump Cockroach - Platyzosteria sp.

I have called this member of the Blattidae family the Orange-rump Cockroach, simply to distinguish it from other Platyzosteria species that I am unable to identify. It is also possible that it is an undescribed species, which with invertebrates, especially in the remoter parts of the Esperance region is quite feasible.

This attractive cockroach was encountered at night in mallee habitat (fine sand/clay over limestone) on the edge of an old gravel quarry (used for road construction), 100 km (62 miles) NW of Esperance, off the Neds Corner Road Extension. It was a little over 2 cm (1”) in head/body length and had just emerged from its shelter in a near horizontal hole on a steep slope.

If anyone can identify this and other cockroach species, or has photographs of a similar looking one, would you please email me at wa@wn.com.au so the details can be added for future reference.