15 June 2010

Endoxyla didymoplaca – Goat Moth

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Goat Moth - Endoxyla didymoplaca

The CSIRO Entomology - Australian Moths Online website has two collections of this moth, both within 15 km (9 miles) north of Esperance, I have encountered it only once, 20 km to the east of the township, so either it is not attracted to lights or is uncommon! To the north of Esperance, at least as far as Salmon Gums (100 km or 62 miles) it has been extensively cleared for agriculture, although after 50 km to the east it is still in its original state, as is much of the coastal zone. This clearance would undoubtedly affect the viability of this species, should its distribution be central to it. The only other alternative, would be if this species main habitat is the mallee environment and these collections (including my own) represent its most southerly distribution.

All three occurrences were in November and similar to the other local Goat Moth, Endoxyla bipustulatus that was recently posted here (see top right-hand column ‘Insects – Moths’ or bottom right-hand column ‘Insects – Moths – Goat Moth 1’). This previous post contains additional information on this group of moths.

The moth photographed above was around 3 cm (little over 1”) in head/body length. If encountered again, I shall post details here.