27 June 2008

Marbled Gecko - Christinus marmoratus

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Marbled Gecko - Christinus marmoratus

A common gecko in the Esperance region and often found in and around human habitation, although any crack or small hole elsewhere will suffice. A very good climber, scaling vertical glass and polished surfaces with ease, particularly while hunting moths attracted to a light. Like most geckos they will also eat soft-bodied insects and spiders.

Growing between 4-5 inches (140 mm total length), they are very agile and can be found in sheltered positions at anytime of the year, although more commonly in warmer weather. The body color varies from a dark marbled brown to an almost transparent pale pink. Some males also have red bars on the tail although not all do, and only those with an original undamaged tail. These small soft-bodied lizards commonly drop their tails to escape predators and the regrown ones usually have a noticeable junction between the original and the new tail, the latter often with a different pattern or color.

For further details see: http://natureitems.blogspot.com/2007/01/17-esperance-geckos-one-agile-one-not.html