16 May 2008

Spotted-thighed Frog - Litoria cyclorhyncha

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Spotted-thighed Frog - Litoria cyclorhyncha

The largest Tree Frog in the district growing to over 70 mm in length. These frogs are good climbers with prominent gripping discs on their toes and strongly webbed back feet. The species is easily identified by the pronounced cream spots on the thighs. A different species Litoria moorei, the Motorbike Frog is of similar appearance, but does not have these spots; it also occurs further around the coast from the southwest corner to north of Perth. The Spotted-thighed Frog is often attracted to house lights in search of insects and will make use of any water in any type of container to rehydrate after a warm day.

Update: 3 March 2009
Last night we had a little light rain that brought out the Slender Tree Frogs, Litoria adelaidensis (
Frogs - Slender Tree Frog) who is a small, but very active frog that usually climbs the glass windows and doors to hunt moths and other insects. I did note this particular Slender Tree Frog on the glass door, but when I returned 10-15 minutes later, it was no longer on the door, but firmly clamped in the mouth and later consumed by the larger Spotted-thighed Tree Frog.

I have often said that frogs will eat almost anything that will fit into their cavernous mouths, but I had not considered another, and in this case highly mobile frog, but it just gos to show the opportunistic nature of some creatures, even cute looking ones! This predatory Spotted-thighed Frog was only half grown too and like others of its race, often hangs around the veranda to catch wayward insects attracted to the light, but this time ended up with a more substantial meal.

Spotted-thighed Frog eating a Slender Tree Frog